Staying Healthy On A Raw Vegan Diet

Last year I made the decision to eat a predominantly vegan diet. It feels good to live my values and I’m happy with my choice but I fell into the vegan junk food trap. I went the “substitution” route which means vegan versions of meat and dairy. Don’t get me wrong, these have their place and they helped immensely with the transition. They’re also nice to have for a treat once in a while or to satisfy a craving. The problem is they’re loaded with fat and sodium and to my surprise, I put on a few pounds despite my new “healthier” diet!

I did a little digging and discovered the issue. I had to cut back on the subsitutions and rely more heavily on whole foods. Whole foods are just unprocessed foods in their natural state or combined in delicious recipes without processed additives. I bought a few cookbooks and set to work learning to prepare more plant-based whole food meals and I felt great!

This journey has also brought raw foods into my life in a big way. Very recently I’ve been trying to eat mostly raw food and my energy has never been better. I have completely gone off caffeine and I didn’t even try! My body just stopped wanting it because I’m getting enough energy through the delicious and healthy food I eat. I also spend less time preparing meals- yes!

During my research I inevitably encountered a lot of drama queens and fear mongers expending astonishing amounts of time and energy on anti-vegan, and especially, anti-raw comments. While I tried not to let their over dramatic and uneducated opinions get to me, I did start to worry about getting enough nutrients. I did some more digging and found chronometer. It’s an excellent nutritient tracker and I’ve been learning a lot.

Here’s what I ate yesterday. As you can see I reached nearly all my nutrient goals except calcium. I was also over my recommended intake of sodium. I love this because I can continually work at improving my diet.


If you’d like to see how I prepared these foods check out the video I made here:




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