Resolution Reset

It’s the last day of January and that means it’s been one whole month since we all made our 2017 resolutions. In my lifetime of setting and forgetting resolutions I can honestly say I never used to make it beyond this point. Well, maybe I’d keep the fitness one ’till Valentine’s- ha!

However, I’ve begun to take more responsibility for my circumstances. There’s no fairy godmother coming along to reach our goals for us. About three years ago I realized with a jolt that where I was that day was a direct result of all the actions I’d taken (and not taken) up to that point. I wanted to make some changes to my future and I got to work. I started by keeping my resolutions. Well, most of them…

I’ve done a lot of reading, listening, and stretching out of my comfort zone since then and here are the three most important things I’ve learned so far to help me stay on track.


1. “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do.”

The first thing you have to do is figure out what YOU want. Take some time away from your daily distractions to start determining what it is that makes you wanna get out of bed in the morning. This can be so hard and it was my biggest struggle so my advice is to start small. Maybe you don’t know what career path you really want but you do know that you were more carefree when you were in better shape, and that being more relaxed about your body made you happier in general. So a place you could start would be getting into a fitness class once a week. Being on purpose about pursuing interests that bring you more happiness will eventually lead you to answers.

If you’re someone who knows what you want and you make resolutions but you don’t stick to them, this is a good time to haul the list out. Get reacquainted with your goals and make any changes you feel they need after mulling them over all month.

2. It’s ok to quit!

What was that? Quit?! Yes it’s ok to quit! I don’t mean quit just because something got tough, but if you took a chance and explored a path that, turns out, doesn’t feel right to you anymore, then quit! Move on to what is inspiring you now. There is a terrible stigma of failure around quitting but quitting is not failing if you do it right. The trick is to do it strategically, taking all the lessons you learned and moving forward in a stronger, more educated way. Still don’t believe me? Check out this episode of Freakonomics here.

SONY DSC3. Ask for help

Earlier when I said all that stuff about it being up to you to change your future, well, that’s only part of it. True, your fairy godmother isn’t on her way (damn!) but any highly successful person will tell you they had help every step of the way. Reach out to people who will support you in your journey of personal growth. Find people reaching for the same goals, people who’ve already succeeded in that area, and people who have skill sets that could be helpful to you. Enroll in workshops and read a lot. Offer your support in return and find a way to get consistently uncomfortable by always asking for constructive criticism and being coachable.

So that’s it! The three most influential things I’ve learned to help me stay on track and reach my goals.

Set goals. Crush them.


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