What I’ve Learned From Having Cats


Without a doubt, Pebbles is my friend. This beautiful, strange, furry little animal I have the honour of knowing holds a special place in my heart. I think those of us with pets can relate to this friendship-like bond. I’ve had many cats in my life and they all leave their mark. Their distinct personalities and sweet little nuances prove there’s a lot our language barriers have prevented us from learning about each other.


When you spend a lot of time with an animal, you start to see past the initial barriers of communication. For example, Pebbles is a timid cat, unlike her brother who is the more dominant of the two. She likes circular toys like hair elastics and key rings, while her brother prefers small metal objects like bobby pins. She uses sneak attacks, while her brother goes for the charge. She likes to play but she gets over excited and tears away from the game at break-neck speed to scratch her scratching post like crazy. She’s a little weird.


She knows when I’m upset and will lay with me for hours if I’m down. She hides in the bathtub and jumps out at you with a shrill little “meowww!” when you go to pee. She annoys us at night when she sneaks onto our pillows and wakes us up. Ok I could do without that. She’s the sweetest little creature and you can’t help but love her.


I’m glad I’ve had the priveledge of sharing a little piece of my heart with these cats over the years. They have shown me so much love and teach me every day to be compassionate, patient, and to live in the moment. More than that, they have shown me true depth of character. Through them I’ve found a deep respect for all the mysteries and complexities of nature.

Some day I’ll have to say goodbye to Pebbles, as I have to those before her. I think of them still but I always love the next one just as fiercely. These lessons of love and loss have also had their merit. What lessons have you learned from your animals?



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