DIY Sofa Table

Want a gorgeous sofa table without the hefty price tag? How about one that’ll invite loads of praise and admiration from friends when you tell them you made it?!


I’m a sucker for HGTV and I loooooove home decor. I’m not sure when it happened but at some point the switch was flicked and I just had to put some style into my home. Unfortunately I’m a recent university graduate and I’m not exactly rolling in dough. Sigh.

It’s alright though because I’m happy to get creative about cheap alternatives to fancy pieces and luckily for me I have the best brother who is also happy to help. Shout out to Coren- you are the best! 


Coren and I have absolutely no builder knowledge at all. In fact, we measured everything by stretching our arms out next to stuff or standing next to things and remembering where they ended against our hips. I’m not kidding. You probably wouldn’t want to hire us for your next remodel but if you need cheap shelving, I’m your girl.

We started off by walking into Home Depot and asking where we might find the cheapest wood. I really wasn’t kidding. Next we wandered around measuring the width of boards against the length of our arms until we found what we needed. We bought two two-by-tens at ten feet long apiece. I think they came to about $15. We needed a nine-foot-long shelf so we had an employee cut them. They do it right there for free! Yes!


Next we found a dark wood stain ($15) and some brushes ($7). So far so good, but how to give it legs? By now you’ve probably figured out I’m not capable of anything complicated so our genius solution borrowed from our only other builder experience: LEGO. We knew how to stack. It would have to do.

We proceeded to the cinderblocks.


We sorted out how many we needed by stacking them and standing next to them until they were the correct height ($4 each.) I also grabbed a can of navy spray paint ($4) because I thought they might be less unsightly if they were blue. I was wrong and I will be the first to admit this is ugly. However, in my defence, you can’t see the ends unless you squeeze round the corner and look and who does that?! 

We used the two leftover one-foot-long pieces from the two-by-tens to nail the two boards together and then we stained them nice and dark. This was the best part. The wood had been cheap and pale but the stain brought out gorgeous knotting and detail we hadn’t been able to see. It was intensely rewarding work.


All that remained was to push the couch up against it and set the knick-knacks in place. A final high-five between Coren and I was the cherry on top. And there you have it, and easy DIY sofa table for about $50 (or $30 if you already have things like brushes and wood stain lying around)



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