DIY Barista Bar

Second in a three-part DIY series is the barista bar! This was even easier than the sofa table because now I had practice. Move over, the expert is here. I commandeered the unused espresso machine at my parent’s house (thanks guys!) but my tiny apartment kitchen didn’t have the space. I called up my sister, Drew and we got creative.


We actually used a tape measure this time and ran off to Rona for our supplies. Like I said, experts. Once again, we asked to be directed to the cheapest wood and grabbed ourselves 2 two-by-tens and some cinder blocks for stacking the legs, LEGO style. Some wood stain was all that remained and within an hour this barista bar was up and running!

I had a vision though and I needed a tray for my mugs and tea. You know, for fanciness. I found this simple one at Pier 1 and it does the trick but I wish it were white.


Next I ordered three IKEA rolling carts for extra storage underneath. This was a great idea and I’m very happy with the additional space I have for pantry-type storage. However, like the tray, I wish they were white. I plan on replacing the tray and painting the shelves so I’ll be sure to post updated photos of the finished product.

And there you have it! The easiest and cheapest barista bar around!


Personally speaking, this barista bar is far from finished. I want to style it up a bit and I think there’s a lot of room here for almost every type of look you’re going for. Let me know if you try it out and include photos so we can see!



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