DIY Headboard

Welcome to part three in the DIY trilogy! It’s a headboard!! This is by far the most complicated of the three but it’s still so easy anyone could do it! Even you.


This time I re-enlisted my brother, Coren. (Remember? From the sofa table.) We used our usual method of standing next to things to measure them against our bodies and then headed to Rona for supplies. We bought 3 five-foot-long one-by-fives and 5 five-foot-long one-by-tens… I think?


We made a three-sided frame with the one-by-fives and nailed the wider boards across the front. Then we stained it just like the sofa table and the barista bar. Once it was dry we stood it up and it looked pretty awesome. We felt like a million bucks for about five seconds until we realized we’d overlooked the electric radiators which meant we couldn’t stand it flush against the wall. So we naturally did what all the experts do: called our dad. He came over to cut the unwanted section away. We have the BEST dad.


Another lesson learned: do not attempt this project on a damp or humid day. It was raining and we didn’t know the wood was a little swollen from the moisture. When the weather cleared up the wood dried out and left annoying gaps between the boards. The worst! 

Overall I’m quite happy with the result but as you can see, there has been no styling of the space… yet. There will be more photos to come once I complete my mini bedroom makeover!



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