3 Valentine’s Date Looks

The Active Date

Your date hates being cooped up in the winter and wants to spend the day on a snowy hike or skating on an outdoor rink. How are you gonna look cute in a parka?! Of course you want to look your best but the key to pulling this date off well is to make it look effortless.


Stick to functional pieces that are flattering around your curves and layer well. You don’t want to be too cold or too sweaty to enjoy the day. As you can see, I wore my rain boots because it was a slushy day. Don’t wear your rain boots in the winter unless you have an insulating layer to wear inside them. The cold ground will freeze the rubber and you’ll have to cut your day short when you can’t feel your feet anymore. Trust me on this one.


I happen to be wearing mostly Lululemon because that’s just what I own but any functional athletic pieces will do. I love Lululemon though because their clothes layer really well and keep me warm without being too constrictive. I chose a pink top to keep things feminine. I might be on a hike but it is Valentine’s Day after all.


When it comes to hair and makeup don’t go overboard. Like I said, the key to acing this date is to make it look easy. Cause you do this every day, right? Natural makeup and a ponytail is your best bet. You don’t want falsies migrating down your face while the wind blows your once beautifully curled hair into a tangled mess.

The Coffee Date

Either you haven’t been dating long or you’ve been together for ages. In any case, you want to keep Valentine’s Day pretty casual this year so you’re headed to your favourite coffee spot.


I went for a feminine floral top with my favourite pair of jeans and a very comfy pair of ankle boot wedges in case coffee is followed up by a promenade. Woohoo it went well!


I accessorized with a simple rose gold watch (my favourite) and a pink clutch. It’s just an afternoon coffee so you don’t want to look like you’re headed to a bar but you do want to look like you put in some effort.


The Fancy Date

You’re going out late. Maybe dinner, maybe the casino, maybe a bar. You want to look great but it’s February. A little black dress could be a bad choice if you’re opposed to being cold like I am. Oh February how I loathe thee, let me count the ways…


Black skinny jeans are my best friend when it comes to going out in the winter. They’re comfortable, go with anything, and make my butt look cute. That’s quite a resume. Since the jeans are pretty fitted I like to go with more flowy top. A little bit because the jeans don’t leave much to the imagination and a lot because if the waistband is feeling uncomfortable after dinner I can undo the button. I know. I’m a genius.

And because I went for black on black, I’m sporting a fabulous pair of heels and a red lip. Happy Valentine’s Day!


If you’re single this Valentine’s Day or you’re looking for ways to make the day special for a friend check out my Galentine’s Day video!

photos by erin bulger


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