The 1st Capsule Wardrobe: Sneak Peak

I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up last year and proceeded to follow the system exactly. I wound up getting rid of more stuff than I even thought I had in my little one bedroom apartment. It felt incredible and even though I didn’t keep folding my underwear (seriously who has the patience for that??) I have made a consistent effort to stick to the rest of it.

Unfortunately when I gave away everything that didn’t bring me joy, I lost some functionality in my wardrobe. Additionally, hanging on to items that brought me joy meant I had a lot of old camp shirts, blue jays swag, and Tyler’s old pyjamas, (aww so many memories) but not a whole lot that made me look and feel my best.

Last year I banned myself from purchasing new clothes until Boxing Day so whenever I needed something, I took to used clothing groups on Facebook and settled for whatever would do. This year I was looking to find the right balance. I liked not buying clothes unnecessarily but relying on used clothing meant selection was limited and I didn’t always feel like the clothes were “me,” although there were some great finds. I also love Boxing Day shopping but giving myself one day in the whole year to shop meant I made a lot of impulse buys and again, I didn’t get that functionality I was looking for out of my wardrobe.

In my quest for the right balance I’d been toying with the idea of letting myself buy an outfit each time the seasons changed when I came across capsule wardrobes and immediately I knew it was what I needed.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a capsule wardrobe is a seasonal wardrobe made up of roughly 37 items. You wear them for three months and then you change it up seasonally. Clothes that aren’t in season are stored and you purchase a couple items (if needed) to ensure your capsule is functional.

We had a storm day here in Halifax today (up to 100cm of snow!) so I used the time to sort out my first capsule. What I was most excited to see was how my style would supposedly emerge from the mess- and it did! In her blog, Un-fancy, Caroline instructs you to put all your clothing on your bed. Next, grab the pieces you love so much you could wear them right now and hang them together in your closet. According to her, your style will stare you in the face.


Can you spot Pebbles?


Notice the similarities?? Pastel blues and pinks on a backdrop of white and grey- I love it!! Stay tuned for the complete capsule look book and a video of the process!


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