My Top 5 Tips For Downsizing Your Wardrobe


1. Get everything on the bed

Ever since I was a little girl this is how my mom taught me to clean my room. Thanks for the life skills, mom! Start by making the bed and the use it to sort your mess.



2. Pick out what you know you don’t want anymore

Sometimes there are pieces you know you don’t want and you just haven’t gotten around to giving them away; now’s your chance. This should help to shrink your clothes pile considerably.


3. Sell what you can

This is a new step for me but I’m so glad I’ve started putting in the effort. For example, this time around I listed about ten items on a used clothing group on Facebook. Buyers tend to be flakey on this group so I expect about half to back out (ugh so annoying) but if everyone who spoke for an item comes by to pick it up I’ll make $205!! Yes!


4. Set aside clothes that aren’t in season. Decide on them when the weather is right. You’ll make smarter choices, at least I do. The idea of me in shorts is always hard to stomach in February.


5. Sort what’s left and give yourself a pat on the back!


Watch the process here!


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