Winter Capsule Wardrobe: Winners and Losers

I’ll be brief. Cause it’s late and I’m tired. I have a very short little Lookbook for anyone who’s interested in seeing my first capsule. I spent no money on this one because I’m using it as an opportunity to identify the pieces I need most. What I wasn’t expecting was how helpful filming myself in each piece would be!

The winners:

These are my faves and they deserve a medal.

The surprising standout in this bunch is the top right. I liked it alright but watching the footage back I found myself loving it! I hope you agree- maybe I’m too tired to judge!

The losers:

I’ve hated those snow boots for a good 6 years now. I desperately want to replace them but the trouble is they’re just so darn warm! Excellent boots, dismal style. As for the shirt/ sweater pairing, I just feel like I could do loads better with a smart outfit, especially one that suits me.

On my list:

Fake leather leggings

Flattering and comfy trousers (that’ll be tough I think)

Lounging sweater

Let me know of any brands you recommend!


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