Heritage Day

We got a new stat holiday in Nova Scotia! According to my mom we had it last year too but I don’t remember. I probably had to work. In any case, I took full advantage of it this year because I found out the museums were free! What!

Tyler and I headed straight for the Museum of Natural History because the theme was dragons!


Please excuse the very terrible selfie. Inexplicably in front of some dinosaur art despite the dragon theme…

So the real life dragons really aren’t as cool as the mythical ones… or are they?


It was enough for the Harry Potter geek in me to see they’d made a lovely little nod to the series with some signage and a big plush dragon:


But to round the corner and find a skull of the “Dracorex Hogwartsia” was pretty darn cool.

Despite the overcrowded space and wading through the hundreds of stranger’s children who were crashing into our legs, we had a nice time. It’s great to get out and do something a little different once in a while.


Coat and scarf (old): Roots



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