Minimalism Means Less Plastic?

After the success of the capsule wardrobe experiment I’m looking for a new challenge! I’ve got three months until I can build my spring capsule (but I’m window shopping already) and I found myself looking for other ways to minimalize. I have a big home decor project in the works (so exciting!) but I’ve got the minimalism bug and I came across an interview with Lauren Singer, creator of Trash is for Tossers.  All the waste she’s accumulated in four years fits into a mason jar. Challenge. accepted.


So for waste minimalism, Lauren says look at your trash to figure out the best places to start. She also says to be super mindful about what you buy and to choose materials like wood, glass, cotton, stainless steel and cast iron-aka pretty stuff… 

We throw away a lot of plastic grocery bags and food packaging in our house. I love a trip to the farmers market and we get most of our produce there but I realized I have a lot of room for improvement.

Let me know if you have any experience shopping plastic-free!


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