Low Budget Birthday

Larely I’ve cracked down on my spending in a big way. It’s been such a rewarding process to be strict with myself and see the savings build. Even though I have more expenses than ever, my savings have never been better because I wasn’t paying attention before. So much wasted money over the years. Part of being strict means not spending more than I can afford to, even when I really want to.

Yesterday was Tyler’s birthday and I love him. I wanted to buy him a fancy present or take him on a trip but I was bound by the total in my “spend” account. Luckily he is the best and he totally gets it. He’s proud of me for getting in control of my money and he’s not the type of person to need a big price tag to feel appreciated. I decided to give him a small thoughtful gift and to put extra effort into the food. The way to a man’s heart, right?


Tyler doesn’t have a favourite food but I remembered him telling me his favourite as a kid was grilled cheese with chicken nuggets inside. Cute! I wanted to fancy it up a little so I got my dad to do up some chicken strips at our family restaurant. He knocked it out of the park and gave me several beautifully seasoned and breaded chicken strips. I grilled them into sandwiches between two slices of Tyler’s favourite bread and an excellent old cheddar cheese. Kid Tyler was right about this one. 


I paired it with grilled brussel sprouts and whipped potatoes (also favourites of his) and I think it turned out really well!

For dessert I made a humongous carrot cake because he loves it but he’s allergic to nuts and carrot cake always has walnuts or pecans.


And as a little gift I gave him some tulips and a Dungeons and Dragons starter set. We are kinda nerdy and we always talk about trying it out but we never have. Carrot cake and board games forever.


I think a few small, thoughtful gestures can really make someone feel loved so I hope he enjoyed his birthday as much as he said he did and maybe next year I’ll have saved enough to spring for a trip- a girl can dream.


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