The Importance Of Donating Your Stuff

I’ve started spring cleaning and I have a lot of stuff I don’t want or use anymore. I have it packed into bags and boxes but now it’s sitting in my apartment. So annoying after I worked so hard to clean it up, you know? This is the stage where it can be tempting to just leave it on the curb or find the nearest dumpster but I urge you not to. Instead, try searching for nearby shelters and donate it to those in need.


In my family we’ve always donated to Adsum House. It provides emergency shelter as well as short and long-term accommodation for women and children during periods of homelessness. While talking to one of their employees recently I asked what sorts of donations are most needed. She told me they are always in search of home essentials. When a woman at the shelter is ready to move into an apartment of her own, she often has nothing but the clothes she arrived in. Scary stuff. Small appliances, dishes, utensils, furniture, bedding, and linens are all needed to make that house into a functioning home.

I think most of us think of shelters when getting rid of old clothes but next time you upgrade to copper pots- you go, girl– don’t leave your old ones on the curb. Consider sending them to a shelter instead. If transportation is an issue just call around to find a shelter that offers a collection service. Most have a system in place for arranging pick ups like these so don’t feel weird asking around. They’ll know what to do. And that’s your good karma for the day.

*If you are in Halifax and need immediate assistance call (902) 423-4443


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