Discovering Scandinavian

Recently I’m all about minimalism. Can’t get enough of it. Oh the irony. While browsing through Pinterest in search of inspiration for my home I discovered something incredible:

All the things I love best but have never been able to fully visualize or identify are a real style!

Turns out, my favourite decor is Scandinavian. Boom.


So what is Scandinavian? Well it originates from a need to make the most out of small homes in cold climates- especially in winter when the whole family is stuck inside. The furnitings are minimal, simple, locally available, and affordable. Colours are bright, windows are big, and it all comes together oh-so-cozy.



And yes, the big black-rimmed round mirror is a favourite of mine. It’s already on my wish list.

Maybe this style resonates with me because I grew up with a big family in a little house in a cold climate. I just find it the most relaxed, inviting, appealing style. I mean look at these beautiful rooms.


As someone who firmly believes animals (humans included) need near-constant interaction with nature to be happy, Scandinavian is the perfect style for me. A lot of the furniture is made of natural woods, a lot of the textiles are furs or faux furs, and as you can see, greenery is brought into every room.

Imagine spending an afternoon in the room above. I think you would feel more grounded and peaceful-the result of connecting with nature.


For me, white bedding is essential. So fresh. I also love that big mirror and the textured rug in the first bedroom, as well as the simple nightstand and the radiators in the latter. And of course more greenery with plenty of natural light.


I can’t forget the bathroom! I love this black and white patterned rug contrasted with the less structured look of the baskets. Oh and it’s not just the bedding that should be white. Notice the white towels rolled nicely and set out in an appealingly invitational way. Love it. 

I know I’ve talked your ear off now but it just feels so good to finally figure out my style. I love a home that feels bright and fresh while still being warm and cozy. It is something of a gift to make guests feel truly comfortable in your home and it is always a goal of mine. I can’t wait to get started!


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