The Best Weekend Bag


The Lululemon “All Day Duffel.” This was a Christmas gift from my mom because I was head over heels for this bag. Unfortunately it was well outside my usual price range so I was in that desperate consumer place where I was making the odd trip into the store to drool over it and torture myself. I know you’ve been there.


This is the fourth Lulumon bag I have owned. Considering the price tag, that’s crazy. But all the others were either sold or returned because I kept getting them home and discovering some majorly inconvenient design flaw that made the price seem way too high.

For example, my last bag (a gorgeous deep purple thing of beauty with copper hardware) unzipped all the way, such that opening the bag meant splitting it straight in two and literally exposing all its contents in a mess of frustration. Every. Time.


But not this bag. Just look at that opening! Wide, yet structured. This bag is not gonna spill my secrets by puking my crap all over the changing room floor at hot yoga. This bag has my back.

It’s got all the usual Lululemon pockets: a padded one for a laptop/iPad, a waterproof one for sweaty stuff, a few little mesh and zip ones for all your hair elastics and tampons, plus some extras! Who doesn’t love extras?

  • Inside those two big front pockets are lovely sturdy loops for transporting your yoga mat. Haul them out when you need em, stash them away when you don’t. Perfection.
  • Each side features a nice big pocket where you could easily stash your sneakers or a water bottle
  • There’s a little pocket on the front where you can conveniently store your phone and/or wallet without having to go through the bag for them
  • And, what makes this the perfect travel bag, along the back there is a big pocket with a hidden zipper. Inside are several other pockets, perfectly sized to fit a passport, phone, wallet, keys, and other important stuff for travel. It’s easily accessible like the little pocket on the front but it’s hidden away, making it safe and secure wherever you are.


Finally, how many times have you been getting ready as quick as you can, straightening or curling your hair right before you run out the door? Loads. But when you’re at the gym or prepping in a hotel or airport you can’t just shove the hot iron into your bag. Except now you can! Yep. They officially thought of everything.

Now can I get three cheers for my mom for the best Christmas gift?

Photos by Erin Bulger

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