What’s In My Weekend Bag?

Yesterday I showed you my fab new bag and now I’m putting it to use. You might have seen my “Get Ready With Me” video I did with my brother, Coren, on Prince Edward Island this week- so much fun! Now you can take a peek at what I brought. If you wanna see how I packed everything, scroll on down to the video. If you’re into the nitty gritty details, read on.

I was gone three days so my weekend capsule was made up of 2 bottoms and 4 tops, plus PJs (and socks and undies of course.) Firstly, I needed a travel outfit. I chose leggings with a flannel layered over a tank. This is comfy and accommodates warmer and cooler temperatures thanks to the layers.


I like to travel home in the same outfit I arrived in. I know some people prefer a fresh outfit for the trip home but for me I’m ok with a second wear, especially knowing I’m headed home to my shower and a whole closet of fresh clothes. I hope you don’t think I’m gross now.


I knew Coren and I would be keeping things casual (we’re not exactly rollin’ in it right now) so I brought my lightwash Levi’s. Between these and my leggings I knew I’d be set for bottoms. Then I went for my blue button-down shirt and a sweater. I picked a slightly nicer sweater because I wanted to have a somewhat decent option if we went out for dinner one night. Like the ballers we are at heart.


When it comes to travelling with makeup I’m all about the bare essentials. Not much of a diva there. I kept it light and packed samples of my skincare and perfume. Then I grabbed my deodorant, toothbrush, shampoo, and hairbrush. Done.


Finally, I gathered all my usual vitamins and pills. I collected them for this photo so you could see just how many bottles there are. I bet you’d be surprised how many you regularly use as well. I have my protein powder, probiotics and vitamin D, a supplement to speed hair growth (come oonnn, long hair!) Aleve and Tylenol, as well as an immune system support I use when I’m feeling over-tired or rundown- which is all the time while travelling.

Obviously I don’t bring the whole bottles, I just throw a few of each in a container and portion out a few servings of protein. If I don’t, you can always find me at an overpriced hotel convenience shop spending $25 on a bottle of Advil and a tampon. Yes. That really happened.


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