3 Reasons I Love The Farmers Market

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I love the farmers market. I studied environmental sustainability in university and have spent the last 10 years dreaming of someday having my own farm. Whoa, a whole decade of dreaming… I should really get into action. 


Actually this blog is part of that plan, but I digress.

1. My absolute favourite part about the farmers market is the community. I love going every Saturday and chatting with the vendors. I love getting to know my farmers and I love buying stuff from them. To buy is to vote, right? Well I wanna vote for them.


2. I love coming home with fresh, local produce. There is something so satisfying about unloading a couple reusable shopping bags full of bright veggies and delicious treats- maple cream cookies will always be my favourite. Pack it away in the fridge and step back to admire your stash. Wait, is that weird?


3. I love that the vendors know me! I appreciate my farmers and it feels so good to have them know and appreciate me. There are perks too! Sometimes when your farmers know you they’ll set aside your favourites if they’re running low. They might throw in an extra squash once in a while. And they’ll avoid packaging a few things in plastic if you’re shopping waste-free. I seriously love my farmers!! 



It doesn’t hurt to get to know the market baristas either. I look forward to a perfect coffee every time.


Photos by Erin Bulger

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