Taking Time Off

I have a hard time finding a sustainable pace. I’m either doing everything… or nothing. One thing I’m learning is the importance of taking time off. Yesterday I was sick with a migraine and couldn’t go to work. I thought today would be equally as painful so I got that shift covered too. Much to my surprise, I woke up feeling great!


I could’ve spent the day rushing around trying to make up for my missed workday but I didn’t. I let myself spend the morning watching YouTube (this one by Jenna Marbles is a personal favourite) and doing a face mask. In the afternoon I felt like cooking and found a way to use up everything in the fridge.


I think the fact that I felt like cooking is what tipped me off. Normally I hate cooking but I was so relaxed that I found a way to enjoy it. I’m not saying skip work to cook but rather, don’t wait to fall ill until you take a day off. I think if you strategically take a day off once in a while you might avoid a few of those sick days and find that you chill out enough even to enjoy cooking.

Photos by Erin Bulger

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